Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Potential UFO

Today in a workshop I made this:
It has a couple more pieces to be added to the top, and then it is mean to be embellished with beads or whatever. Actually it is meant to be twice as tall, but I only cut half the required number of pieces.

The pattern is "Towering Trees" by Wendy Hager. It is meant to look something like this:

There was only one copy of the pattern available between about 8 people which made getting all the pieces cut quite time consuming. Especially if you are last in the queue! And then there didn't seem to be a full set of instructions anywhere, so I don't really know how the last piece is going to be attached.

Now I'm faced with the decision to either try and finish the thing, or throw it out and write it off as a WOMBAT - Waste of Money, Brains and Time. Or perhaps more relevantly, Waste of Material Batting and Time. (But in reality, the batting was offcuts from my last quilt, and the fabric has been in my stash for ages, so no cost really.)

Monday, July 17, 2017

Slow Marathon

Apparently I have walked over 42km since Tuesday:
That "Earned on" at the bottom is wrong. The fitbit must be working on US time zones, as it didn't "award" me this badge yesterday.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Temperature Quilt Week Seven

Another week,
Another lot of cyan fabric!

14/07/2017    11.8    aqua/teal
13/07/2017    10.9    aqua/teal
12/07/2017    11.8    aqua/teal
11/07/2017    10.8    aqua/teal
10/07/2017    11.9    aqua/teal
9/07/2017       9.7     blue
8/07/2017       9.0     blue

A couple of these "aqua" fabrics are rather borderline aqua. I could have planned this a bit better. I have many more blue fabrics than cyan, but it looks like winter is going to be more cyan than blue. Here are all the blocks so far:
The top row will have only those five rosettes, with something else (to be decided) at each end. The next five rows will each have seven rosettes, so we will be almost at the end of winter when I reach the third row.

Linked to Sarah's HeLP for Hexie-aholics.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Major progress on the wisteria pergola today:
Welding one of the curved supports.

Positioning another support:

Then once all the supports were welded in place, it was time for the mesh:

First piece of mesh in place:
And down at the bottom of one of the posts on the right hand side, you might just see a tiny wisteria already in the ground.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Good-Bye Garmin

My replacement tracking device arrived today. It is a Fitbit Zip. So here is the last reading on my Vivofit, showing the little plus sign that means I made it to 10,000 steps today (194th day):
The Fitbit only shows 3,600 steps because I didn't collect it from the postoffice until this afternoon.

So from tomorrow I will know how close I am to my goal during the day, rather than being in the dark until the 10,000 clicks over. Hooray!

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Year Quilt Week Six

At the quilt-in today I got this rosette assembled, but it isn't stitched to the background fabric yet:
7/07/2017   10.2   aqua/teal
6/07/2017   12.0   aqua/teal
5/07/2017   12.1   aqua/teal
4/07/2017   10.7    aqua/teal
3/07/2017    9.4    blue
2/07/2017   11.0   aqua/teal
1/07/2017    9.8    blue

Not a lot of variation in the temperatures for the week. And the week ahead looks like more of the same:
Today's temperature, which isn't shown there, meant that week seven also starts with a blue hexagon.

Added later: Sarah has started a weekly link-up for people making these quilts. Here's the first week.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Quilt-In Preparation

Tomorrow I'm going to the Willows Quilt In in Melton, so to give myself plenty of hand-sewing to take along, today I added the binding to my table runner:
I've also got a couple of weeks of hexagons to stitch to their backgrounds, so I shouldn't be short of something to do.